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MARSHA REGIS, Certified Personal Trainer


Marsha Regis is the founder and owner of Pulse Fitness Personal Training.

Marsha has been active for most of her adult life. She started by exercising at home and attending aerobics classes at her local gym, which inspired her to teach others.

After teaching aerobics and step aerobics in Canada and the United States, she decided to direct her focus towards Personal Training.

Marsha has been helping people improve their lifestyles and achieve their goals for over 10 years and loves making a difference in people's lives.

Marsha regularly works as a fitness expert with the media. She has made appearances on CBC's "Living Vancouver", Breakfast TV and Shaw TV. She has also worked with Vancouver's 24 Hours Newspaper.


Certified Personal Trainer ( BCRPA Registered)

Certified Group Fitness Instructor( BCRPA Registered)

Certified Older Adult Instructor ( BCRPA Registered)

Certified Yoga Fitness Instructor (BCRPA Registered)

Certified Pre / Postnatal Instructor

Certified BOSU Instructor

Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor

Certified in Standard First Aid and CPR


Fat Loss / Muscle Toning

Muscle Gain

Core Strength / Stability

Pre / Postnatal

Mature Adults


Nutritional Planning

Lifestyle Coaching



“Fitness can be a part of anyone's life. The key is to make gradual lifestyle changes.”

Marsha Regis, Certified Personal Trainer, BCRPA


DANI RENOUF, Registered Dietician


Dani Renouf has been a registered dietitian for the past six years, working in a variety of areas within the field, including pharmaceutical sales, clinical nutrition, eating disorders, and metabolic syndrome. Currently, Dani is also working on her Masters in Public Health.

Dani grew up in family where food was a central part, and was taught healthy and balanced nutrition from a young age. She is continually updating her nutrition knowledge, and trying to learn new ways to prepare healthy meals with a special focus on culturally diverse culinary experiences.

Dani is passionate about food and its power to bring everyone together. She values the importance of building a healthy relationship with food, and for her clients to embrace healthy nutrition as a lifestyle, rather than resorting to restrictive dieting for results.

When it comes to understanding the balance of diet and exercise, Dani has learned a great deal from being involved in long distance running, competitive tennis, and swimming on what a substantial impact a healthy diet has on exercise performance, as well as how to tailor dietary patterns to individual goals.


Registered Dietitian (College of Dietitians of British Columbia )

Registered Dietitian (American Dietetic Association)


Sports Nutrition

Women's Health

Heart Health


“Motivation enhancement is the key to a healthy and happy life. Building from one's own experiences to set attainable and successful goals is the best way to reaching optimal nutritional health.”

Dani Renouf, Registered Dietitian


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