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Pulse Fitness Personal Training Packages

The Basics


Step It Up

4 Sessions

One-on-One - $340 ($85/session)

Couples - $480 ($60/person)

Learn the basics of designing your program and performing your exercises safely and effectively.



8 Sessions

One-on-One - $640 ($80/session)

Couples - $880 ($55/person)

After 8 sessions, you will have a greater understanding of how to vary your program to avoid boredom and plateaus.



Getting Consistent


No More Excuses

12 Sessions

One-on-One - $900 ($75/session)

Couples - $1320 ($55/person)

Serious about achieving your goals? Consistency and patience are key to seeing results. You will be amazed by your progress.




24 Sessions

One-on-One - $1680 ($70/session)

Couples - $2400 ($50/person)

Don't be a yo-yo exerciser. Make a commitment to yourself and invest in a stronger, fitter, happier you. This package is reserved for those training at least two times per week.



All Packages Include:

Fitness Assessment

Measurements / Bodyfat %

Nutritional Analysis


Prices do not include GST.

Monthly payment plans can be arranged.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Prices are subject to change.




Pulse Fitness Nutrition Packages

The Basics


The Sampler

Initial Assessement

45 mins - $100

Learn the basics of proper nutrtion, and how to make the most of eating to fuel your workouts


30 mins - $65

Receive assistance implemeting what you have learned.



1 Initial Assessement + 2 Follow-Ups




The Main


A La Carte

1 Initial Assessement + 3 Follow-Ups



1 Initial Assessement + 5 Follow-Ups



Add a Personalized 4-week meal plan to any package for $95

All clients require an initial nutrition assessment, to which they are asked to bring a completed 5-day food record (3 work days, and 2 off days).

Follow-up appointments are scheduled 2 weeks apart .

Prices do not include GST.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Prices are subject to change.



Corporate Fitness Packages

Group Personal Training



Group Fitness Class

min 3 people/max 6 people

3 people--$40/person/session

4 people--$35/person/session

5 people--$32/person/session

6 people--$30/person/session

minimum 7 people





Prices do not include GST.

All sessions/classes are administered on a month-to-month basis.




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