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One-on-One Personal Training

Whether you're looking for long term training to keep you consistent and achieve the best results, or just a few sessions to get you started, we can help you.

Two-on-one or Group Personal Training

Don't want to do it alone? Have one or two friends join you. You will have more fun and and save money.

Corporate Fitness

Get and stay in shape with your colleagues and employees. We can either come to your company gym or you can come to us at lunchtime or after work. Our group personal training sessions or group fitness classes will surely whip you and your co-workers into shape.

Group Fitness Classes

Pulse Fitness offers a variety of classes such as: Bootcamps, Women & Weights, BOSU & Ball classes, Pre & Postnatal classes.

Fitness For Kids

If you're looking to get your child in better physical shape, Pulse Fitness can help. Childhood obesity and inactivity are a growing problems. Our trainers have extensive experience working with children. Our trainers train out of one of the few facilities in town that allow access to children.

Nutrition Counselling

Receive support and guidance from our knowledgeable and experienced Registered Dietitian. Exercising without addressing your eating requirements is like spinning your wheels and going nowhere. If you're serious about seeing results, this is a must!




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