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Client Testimonials

 "Training with Marsha has been amazing.  She's so positive and really gets you motivated - even when you are so tired and don't think you can go anymore- she gives you that boost to get to your goal. 

Switching up the workouts, learning new things every week made working much more fun.   She really pays attention to you, pushing you a little bit each week but making sure you don't injure yourself.  I'm so happy I've met a great trainer and  friend!"

Lisha (Age 30)


"I have always been an avid walker but when I retired I decided to try a personal trainer in order to strengthen my muscles, improve my balance and posture, and generally keep me feeling fit and full of energy.  I am now into my third year of twice weekly training sessions with Marsha.  I feel very fortunate to have chosen her as my trainer.  During workouts she focuses her complete attention on me, creatively varies my weekly programs and encourages me to work hard.  I have never felt better and look forward to each session with Marsha."

Arlene (Age 62)


"No more chiropractor and great skiing ahead. Marsha made a big difference to my overall fitness, and really helped my back."

David (Age 48)


"Frankly I feel like the odd women out at [the gym]. I'm not young, I'm not skinny, I'm not athletic, and although I have all the workout wear I don't seem to look like anyone else I see in the gym. In short the gym is a foreign landscape to me. Having said that hiring Marsha has truly been the best decision I ever made around getting fit. She is bright, energetic, she knows what she is doing and she is always showing me new things and keeping me challenged. I have actually seen changes in my body and on a good day even in my mind. Best of all she makes my time in the gym fly by and I can leave knowing that I have not wasted my valuable time."

Kym (Age 50)


"Training with Marsha is a totally fun and gratifying experience not only because she's such an outgoing friendly person, which makes for an entertaining hour, but also because she keeps the workouts varied and interesting. She gets me working hard while being totally supportive and inspiring and I've been super happy with the results."

Zoe (Age 27)


Since I've started training with Marsha twice a week, I have noticed a huge difference in my body. Marsha has worked closely with me to tone my muscles and achieve my own specific goals. It's great to have someone behind me each week to push me, keep me positive, and motivate me to do those extra reps I would never do on my own!

Danna (Age 27)


"I specifically requested to work with Marsha when I started personal training here because she was the one trainer who stood out for me as I observed her training her clients.  I have now been training with Marsha for 6 months and feel proud and lucky to be working with such an outstanding individual.

Marsha exhibits all the characteristics of an ideal personal trainer -- she has integrity, she imparts her vast knowledge of exercise and nutrition, she has a strong work ethic and best of all, she genuinely cares for her clients.

She creates programs to suit her client's goals and fitness level.  She keeps the sessions fun and challenging by incorporating new exercises on a regular basis.

I never realized that my body could attain such strength and stamina but Marsha really believed in my potential and has been there every step of the way encouraging me to achieve higher levels of fitness.

Marsha, I thank you for the patience, camaraderie and friendship you bring to our personal training relationship. This testimonial does not even begin to describe the truly positive impact you have had on my life."

Dianne (Age 32)


"Marsha is a patient, professional and knowledgeable trainer who works hard to put together comprehensive, personally tailored workouts.An enthusiastic fitness instructor who will help you get impressive results."

Degan (Age 27)


"Marsha is very knowlegeable and enthusiastic about goal-setting, weight training and fitness programmes.  It's such a pleasure to work out with her, it motivates me to do it more often.  Thanks, Marsha!"

Anne (Age 40)


"I have always been a reluctant participant at the gym, the sort of person who goes gung-ho for a couple weeks after New Years and then stops completely. Training with Marsha has made the gym a regular part of my life. The techniques she has taught me, and continues to teach me, have kept me motivated to keep returning to the gym and make it an integral part of my lifestyle."

Nicole (Age 26)


"My experience with training with Marsha: she is professional, knowledgeable, passionate and makes it fun. She keeps me motivated and challenged by constantly varying each session and gave me the confidence to workout in all areas of the gym. With her style of training I have learnt a lot about body awareness and she is always giving positive reinforcement which encourages me to continue working out on a regular basis. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Marsha as a personal trainer to anyone!!!!"

Ingrid (Age 47)


"For a recent birthday, I decided to treat myself to weekly weight training three months before a big birthday bash. I have worked out for years, but hadn't used a trainer in about 10 years.  I wanted a trainer who really listened to me, individualized my program, and pushed me to get results.  Marsha is perfect for me.

 Marsha is a great motivator, and varies the program almost weekly so I am always looking forward to finding out what new tricks she has ready for me to try. I hated squats and avoided them, but now even do them the days I don't see her.  I know how great they are for my body. She taught me to use the BOSU ball. At first, I was wobbly on the round side and then when I graduated to the flat side, I couldn't figure out how to get on the ball and grab my weights. Now, I don't even need to hold onto the ball to get on with my weights.  Using it gives me both a weight and ab workout. I love it.

Best of all, my abs are stronger, I am lifting heavier weights, I love my workout, and cannot imagine why I would ever stop working out with her. When I cannot make my regularly scheduled time, I don't think:  great, I don't have to work out. I love seeing her so much that I usually am able to work out an alternate time, even if it isn't when I prefer working out which is early in the morning just because I know how beneficial it is for me to see her every week."

Barb (Age 60)


I fell in love with fly-fishing 2 years ago, but realized that I need more strength in my legs and upper body to wade through rivers and climb up on steep banks. I hired Marsha to do just that and after 3 months I began to see major results. Marsha furthermore suggested that I see a Physiotherapist to solve some of my problems. and he did, so here I am at 61 years old feeling better than I have in years. Thank you Marsha, I will highly recommend you to my clients and friends.

Claude (Age 61)






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